Corporate Governance


In mid-size companies, shareholders and officers often percieve corporate governance as a constraint rather than an opportunity. Thus, it is only when a company opens its capital to investments funds ou to public that governance is carefully considered.

These days more than ever, a single man cannot remain on top or all forces both internal and external which have a bearing on a company.  The purpose of corporate governance is to bring together and structure executive and non-executive professionnals, with the  competencies, experience and industry knowledge  to grow the company in a sustainable manner. Their mission will consist in defining the startegy, support executives in its implementation, but also challenge management and make an objective assessment of the company’s operations, foster reflection and stimulate development.

XV Finance helps its clients to consider, structure and implement corporate governance bodies so that they become forums to exchange ideas, combining long, medium and short term considerations, ambition and caution, qualitative and quantitative, shareholders’ and management’s interests. XV Finance also conducts audits and assessments of existing corporate governance scheemes and comes-up with recommendations both practical and easy to implement.

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