Information gathering

  • Exhaustive list of necessary information (contracts / staff / mandate / activities / specific risks / loss experience, etc.).
  • The documentation will depend on the type of risks to be insured.


  • Restitution of analyzes in a precise format.
  • Risk mapping.
  • Studies of special situations.
  • Termination of current contracts.
  • Structuring of the call for tenders.
  • These different steps are carried out at no cost to the company.


  • Presentation of the companies approached.
  • Summary of the contracts offered by the companies (proposed coverages / costs).
  • Financial simulations, savings.
  • Transparency on brokerage commissions.


  • List of information and documents required to finalize contracts.
  • Communication of finalized contracts.
  • Signing of contracts.

Implementation and follow-up

  • Information for managers and employees, if applicable.
  • Team training, risk awareness.
  • Supporters, managers and employees.
  • Monitoring of contracts with Companies / Mutuals.


XV Courtage provides the necessary teams to minimize the work of internal company teams. We take care of the administrative transfers of contracts.